Token-Bound Accounts on Tron Network

Discover new way to interact with NFTs and expand its capabilities beyond simple static collectibles, now any TRC-721 asset can be a token-bound account.

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Any TRON dev can use the Token-Bound Accounts to generate new experiences with TRC-721 tokens


With token-bound accounts, game creators have the ability to set up inventories for players, enabling the automatic transfer of all their game items to their character's collection. This enriches the player experience and facilitates the creation of game user interfaces that were previously more complex to develop

Portfolio Management

NFTs can represent unique investment assets, and these assets can be further diversified and managed within the NFT itself. This offers an innovative way for investors to manage their portfolios while maintaining a clear record of ownership and diversified holdings within a single NFT.


For example, an artist could create NFTs that represent ownership of a multiple songs inside an album, and fans who collect these NFTs could gain access to exclusive content such as unreleased tracks, behind-the-scenes footage, or virtual meet-and-greets with the artist.

Standard in Action

Play our mini game

Experiment the utility of TBAs with our infinite runner, generate an NFT profile to play and receive all the power-ups inside of it.


Connect your TronLink Wallet

You can play without a wallet but if you want to get a profile NFT and receive power-ups for your character you'll need to have the TronLink extension installed in your browser.

Mint your profile NFT

You would be able to mint a profile NFT after successfully connect TronLink and click on the profile button of the game's main section.

Play and receive power-ups

Now play and get power-ups for your character by making high scores, the receive them directly inside your profile NFT